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With a keen sense for colours, energies and vibrations, emotional states and moods, Christine Aebischer creates her works. The paintings are of a meditative calm and clarifying purity. The ability to empathize with everything that is essential, coupled with the discovery of the subtlest nuances - without effort - characterizes the artist in particular.
The artist brings the non-material to the visible - accessible to all, like guided by a faery -  by colours, form and structures. The paintings of Christine Aebischer touch the soul of the viewer and allow with subtle tones to ring in and resonate.
Their works penetrate into deep layers of perception with their statements. In order to handle this gift and at the same time make it work for others, the former primary teacher and curative educator has found her own unique approach. Since 2003 she works as a freelance artist. Numerous exhibitions in galleries in Germany and abroad  (Europe, America, Asia), in banks, companies and public institutions are testimony to the fact that the work of the artist, born in Basel (Switzerland), is attracting great interest cross-border.
In 2017, she opened the KUNST PUNKT in Kreuzlingen, a space for art and encounters, where exchanges and events also take place. If you would like to visit the artist in her studio, please make an appointment with her.
Foundation of the KUNSTPUNKT in Kreuzlingen
Space for art and encounter,
work-  and show-room of the artist
Opening studio and gallery "am Bach" Kreuzlingen, Switzerland
since 2008
further art courses and arts studies in Switzerland and abroad
2006 - 2007
Art School, Department Sculpture, Mülheim, Switzerland
 2003 - 2007
Atelier artverwandt, Hamburg,  Germany
Lecturer:  Kristina Schaper, Oliver Löhr (Acrylic Painting)
Lecturer:  Birgit Nass (Calligraphy)
2003 - 2006
Academy of Fine Art, Zuerich, Switzerland
Opening atelier Christine Aebischer, Schaffhausen Switzerland

May 27, 2017

Juliane Lachenmann, Kunsthistorikerin

Galerie Lachenmann Art, D-Konstanz

Bruno Ruckstuhl

Every work painted by Christine Aebischer is a unique piece with a unique energetic structure.